Are you interested in the collection of UASHMAMA®, The Beach People and / or Moes & Griet?
We are happy to look together with you for the possibilities.

Send an email to [email protected] with more information about your store and / or goal why you would like to buy from us.

To process your request as soon as possible we would like to receive the following information:
- Where the store (s) is / are located.
- Which other brands are sold?
- Atmosphere so that we get a good idea of ​​the store.
- Link to your Facebook page and / or Instagram account.

We have a stop on the sale of UASHMAMA® via webshops.
Do you already sell the products in the store? Please contact us before you start offering the products online.

We often work together with stylists, interior architects and / or catering suppliers. Requests for this can be sent directly to us.

Products from UASHMAMA® are for sale at selected (web) stores and via our webshop www.uashmama.nl & www.moesengriet.nl