About Moes & Griet

Moes & Griet stands for mother & daughter, and that is what we, Marion Wold and Annelot Lems of each other.

After years of shared passion for interior design, decoration and styling, we came in 2010 during a nice product at a
holiday in Italy, the Paper Bag UASHMAMA®. We bought this for personal use and got a lot of positive reactions.

In March 2012, we decided to set up the now fully-grown UASHMAMA® line of products to sell. Moes & Griet

Moes & Griet is the exclusive distributor for the Benelux of all UASHMAMA® products. A product made of paper, similar to leather and washable dust. Each of artisan and conceived and created with love ..

Moes & Griet hopes to sell a range of beautiful and inspiring products with  UASHMAMA® as a beautiful start.

Marion & Annelot