About FirmaWold

FirmaWold is the exclusive distributor of the now well-established line of UASHMAMA® products. A product line with all kinds of pockets, bags and accessories, made of paper that resembles leather and washable is already fabric. From Italy, Tuscany, 'Conceived and made with love.

For many years there has been a great passion for decorating and styling. We lived in a monumental building that we have restored completely in the old style. Adapting over and over again and finding beautiful atmospheres together. My daughter Annelot and I turned out to have a great shared passion for interior design and styling. Both visually with a strong sense of what we like. During holidays, the interior of a restaurant was decisive whether we were going to eat there.

While Annelot studied event organization and I was still working at the broadcaster, a lot of our available time was spent on interior design advice for family, friends and acquaintances. That was a great thing to do back then. We went to visit friends in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy to help them decorate their house. Sitting on a terrace in the old centre of that town, the historic arena, our eye fell on a special shop. It was there that we saw UASHMAMA® products for the first time. Stylish products made of washable paper. The translation of our passion: a lasting unique experience that we can share with everyone around us.

We wanted nothing more than to start a company together where we could make people happy with UASHMAMA® products and our styling advice. In April 2012 our dream came true with the start of Moes & Griet, where we became exclusive distributor of UASHMAMA® in the Benelux. The years after that there have been many expansions such as new sites, own brands, pop-up shops.

Last year we decided to go our own way and no longer continue as Moes & Griet. As of 1 July 2020, we have sold the site and brand Moes & Griet to Nuria Design. Annelot will continue with A lot Events in which she can pursue her passion for creative production and event styling.

FirmaWold continues with the basics with which it all started and that is wholesale and the site www.uashmama.nl for consumers. Since the start we have over 200 points of sale and hope to expand these further in the coming years. FirmaWold will also continue to act as a styling and consultancy agency for the decoration of houses and (theme) projects.

Dear greetings,


Marion Wold