Paniere Camel

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Think a bucket but made from paper, no one will have one like this.
So many colors and four sizes to choose from. 

100% natural fiber - Washable Paper AGGO®

Size (Ø x H):
XSmall Ø12 x H18 cm
Small Ø18,5 x H14 cm
Medium Ø25 x H28 cm
Large Ø33 x H35 cm

Wash in warm water using a mild soap or detergent, rinse thoroughly and reshape before drying. Handwash only do not machine wash or dry clean. 

If you're using your UASHMAMA bag for herbs, plants or flowers be sure to use a small pot, vase or container. Do not pot directly into the bag. 

This bag is not waterproof, water will not hurt our bags but theywill leak so remember to use a drip tray. Some of our customers have recommended showercaps shaft liners.